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Artwork | Redraw Conversion

The process of converting a digital image or a traditional artwork into a different format. This can involve a range of techniques, from simple resizing to more complex processes such as color correction and image manipulation. Learn More

Embroidery | Digitizing

The process of converting a design or image into a format that can be read by an embroidery machine. This process allows the design to be automatically stitched onto fabric, producing a high-quality and consistent embroidery. Learn More

Virtual Sample | Art Proof

A preliminary representation of a design or artwork that is used to review and approve the design before it is printed, manufactured, or otherwise produced. The goal of a visual proof is to provide a clear and accurate... Learn More

Image Editing

The process of manipulating digital images to improve their quality, appearance, or functionality. This can include a range of techniques, from basic adjustments such as color correction and cropping, to more complex... Learn More


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